[CLOSED] Discord Ban Appeal



Username: ( Vorphxx )
Discord: ( Vorphx#0048 )
Discord Id: ( 833422744150212701 )
Ban reason: ( Account Sharing )


I would first like to start off with saying what happened. I account shared to get into a division a while back, and that person decided to tell someone. I’m apologizing for creating a lack of trust between others in GAR because of this mistake, and because it was directly violating GAR rules.

They made those rules for a reason, and I chose to break them, and for that I am truly sorry. I’ve been an active member of this community, I’ve been in most divisions and some extra things like the 501st Legion, and the Coruscant Editorial Team at the time I was banned. If given the chance to return to GAR was possible, I would never break another rule again. I have never abused any power I have gotten, for example being YAYAX Dev and Editorial Team. I am completely sorry and regret my actions.

I have spent time reflecting my actions and choices. I fully accept the consequences and my actions, and am pleading to be considered as a different person. I have made so many friends in the GAR community, and a lot of them could vouch that I am a honest and nice guy. I am resolved towards always following GAR rules, and am wishing for a second and last chance to prove myself worthy of joining GAR. Account sharing is a dishonorable way to achieve something in the group, and a pathetic way to do that.

Once again, I am truly sorry for my actions. I will accept any punishment, and will make sure you don’t regret unbanning me if it were considered. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I wish you a best day.

I believe you were sincere with your apology, and you have served enough time for your punishment.