[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal


Username: ( MrDanv1 )
Ban reason: ( I killed a second lieutenant )


Hello, I’m sorry for the thing I did [and I know that saying “sorry” won’t cover the thing I did], so I know that you guys don’t just unban people that easily especially people that killed an officer, so like I know that what I did was bad (very bad) and being banned from your discord server has changed me and made me think to always follow the rules on your game/discord so It would make my day if you could give me another chance and unban me thank you for your time.

You were not banned from the Discord server for killing a Second Lieutenant, it’s not even possible.
Please provide your Discord ID so this can be looked into better by me or another Moderator.

:no_entry: Denied. Your reason isn’t the same as why you got banned. You got banned for mass TKing.