[CLOSED] Discord Ban Appeal

Username: Auretix
Discord: Auretix#0941
Discord Id: 350041410969403393
Ban reason: Spamming Admins


I’ve appealed for a discord ban, I think around 2-3 weeks ago, it was denied, but i’m slowly starting to play GAR again, noticing how much i’ve missed the game it self, and also the community. The chances are even slimmer now, but I want to at least try, and also too apologise. I did many wrong things back then, and i am sincerely sorry, I understand why I was banned, I was acting immature and like a child. I would love to right my wrongs in this community, be a better person and be helpful. Being back in the game, is amazing, and i’m so thankful for the opportunity to come back to the game, but while saying that, it isn’t the same without the discord community. Now, i’m not asking for a full unban (Ranks, divisions etc), because that will probably never happen, which I understand, but I would love a second chance to be apart of the community itself. Secondly, if there is a way for me to be forgiven and given a chance to come back to the divisional community, i’m all ears, if not… I understand and will accept it as it is. I hope you take this under deep consideration, as it would mean a lot to me. I also would like to state, throughout this past year, everything that has happened, i’ve grown a lot as a person and matured a lot. As Anne Frank once said, if you know who she is, “What is done cannot be undone, but at least one can keep it from happening again.” meaning, i’ve learnt from my mistakes and have grown, so please take it into consideration as well. Also, I’d like to say this ban was from a year ago, I don’t remember every detail for my ban, just the reasoning that stranded out, so sincerely apologies if i leave one or two things out, if that is the case, I promise I’m not avoiding saying it, I honestly don’t remember, if there is any other reasons for my ban, I am extremely sorry for my actions.


:white_check_mark: Accepted - exucuteF