[CLOSED] Discord Ban Appeal


Username: LoL_Sanchez | Discord: Wizzi_#1131
Ban reason: Leaking


I was perm banned by x1nsidious yesterday for typing in #public that I got 4K dmg on a 187th tryout, but failed due to heal reqs when I tried out two months ago. I did not leak any information regarding what the reqs were, but I do realize my mistake. However, I believe this is not severe enough for me to be perm banned as 1. I did not leak reqs 2. The stats were from two months ago. I understand how this was a mistake on my part and I won’t say anything like this again, but I wish to be unbanned as I was not even given a warning before being banned, and hope to continue to be part of the community. I apologize to x1nsidious for rudely confronting him after my ban and I should have controlled my temper. I was under a large amount of stress that day and this incident didn’t help at all. Hope you can take this apology and accept my appeal.

Hi there,

I have looked into your ban and I have come to the conclusion that in your case, you did not leak anything major about the tryout. However, it was your prior attitude and the way you engaged with the moderator that led to your subsequent ban. Realize that the GAR community is not a place for toxicity and if you are found to be toxic, you will be swiftly removed. With that being said, I have decided to offer you another chance. The ice is thin. Don’t mess this up.