[CLOSED] Discord Ban Appeal


Username: ( Taco_duck16)
Discord: (Helios#0009)
Discord Id: (639617607632158743)
Ban reason: (Advertisement in the main GAR server)


Well, I was hacked, and the hacker wanted everyone to join an inappropriate server. He sent it to everyone that was in my DMs, including people in my DMs. So that advertisement thing was not actually me, it was someone else on my account. I really love GAR and I just got an officer position in 91st. I would never purposfully break the rules of GAR.

I agree he has done nothing wrong.

He has done nothing wrong. This was actually accident, Taco just joined on scam server, but he didn’t something bad. Many peoples joined on this scam server, but they didn’t know.

As his CC, I’m sure it was a hacker, he deserves to be unbanned.

I’ve known Taco a long time and as his friend and superior officer, I can guarantee that this was not Taco’s fault.

This absolutely was not Taco’s fault, he deserves this appeal.

Free my man, it wasn’t his fully his fault.

I am updating this due to a new discord account to prevent hackers.

Alright this is officially invalid please check out my new post.

This is my new account.

The account is unbanned so you can bring in your new account. Do not share information, always check the link and see if it’s legit, and do not join suspicious servers.

~ Zaluvar

Thank you so much!!!