[CLOSED] Discord Ban Appeal


Username: XxDarknessXx_Playz
Discord: Jasssono#9931
Ban reason: N/A (Been around 3-4 months as well with me having no idea why I was banned)


I recently have just came back to roblox and now I’m bored and interested in being apart of a roleplay community once again, I wish to join divisions and become an active member and part of GAR. I do not know why I was banned nor of what I did, yet I am still sorry and I hope I can still be redeemable to GAR. I want a second chance, whatever it may be. I’m sorry again and I just want to be apart of this amazing community.

On a side note: I have seen my messages with the Overwatch bot and there is no ban, only warnings / a mute and that is all. Thinking about it I may or may not have been automatically banned.

Your ban has been appealed.

  • OfficerKiller, Moderator