[CLOSED] Discord Ban Appeal


Username: GodisOst
Discord: Lympt#7223
Discord Id: 557987893365178400
Ban reason: Sending a Rebublic Intelligence officer NSFW furry art in his DM’s


i Directly Messaged a RI agent on discord telling them (IAmCarbon#0012) i had information on a group that was being investigated at the time. I told them i had information about the group and then proceeded to send them NSFW content. This was to in a way “troll” them which was clearly extremely stupid.

I feel like i have certainly matured quite a bit since making this “joke” and this would clearly not happen again. I slightly left the GAR community for a bit but have recently come back a bit and would like to join a division once more.

Hi there,

There’s no coming back from sending pornographic material in someone’s DMs. Only way you could even get a chance would be to have IAmCarbon vouch for you.

Status: DENIED :x: