[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal


Username: apr4iI
Discord: ! nat#5266
Discord Id: 182893992176910337
Ban reason: Treason against the Republic - supporting temporos


Hello, this is my first time attempting an appeal for my ban from the GAR discord. Around exactly one year ago, I was a part of the 501st, where I had joined it with friends and made a great many new friendships and experiences throughout my time serving. However, as all things come to an end, many of my friends had decided to take their departures from the group, some on good and some on bad terms. One of my friends known as temporos had decided to leave the group on what many would consider bad terms, by pinging for a 501st tryout he did not have permission to host in the main discord. After that fiasco had run its course and he had been removed from the group, many of the 501st including myself discussed said action. Unfortunately, due to temporos committing treason, his actions and those who loosely supported him were looked heavily down upon. Amongst those who loosely supported him was me, because as a friend I was more inclined to support him. I understand however that supporting him was a terrible action and that there was no excuse for me to support him and commit treason other than personal bias. I understand that my actions were wrong, and were justifiably punished. However with the new year close to us, I would like to return to GAR and start fresh, and hopefully try to reconnect with many whom I had lost communication with after my removal. I apologize for my actions and for putting my own personal biases above the general community. As someone with decent status in my old division, I was a terrible role model for fresh newcomers and deeply apologize for it. All I ask for is a second chance in order to be a part of this wonderful community again as well as to prove that I’ve changed and would be most grateful for my appeal to be accepted. I’ve had quite a long time to reflect on my actions and see now where I went wrong, I hope you can grant this request and allow me to show that I can make GAR a better place.

Thank you for reading my appeal.

Hello, outdated topic and unnecessary ban so you’re unbanned. Welcome back and merry Christmas.