[CLOSED] Discord Ban Appeal


Username: RonSocius2 (My username was RonSocius when I got banned but I do not use that acc anymore)
Discord: RonSocius2#7516 (My username was RonSocius#0013 when I got banned but I have changed my discord name and tag)
Discord Id: 719885329322213415
Ban reason: I believe it was talking in screenshot area or smth but I can’t really remember because it happened so long ago.


I should be unbanned because I know what I did was wrong so I have changed myself for the better and I think I should return to this group again.


I couldn’t find the reason you were banned the last time I checked, so I believe you are not banned at all, and if you are, it is due to Overwatch’s automatic ban, which is not appealable because it usually lasts up to an hour.

Appeal Status: Unfounded :no_entry: