[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal

Username: westiebubble08
Discord: WestiePlague#4055
Discord Id: 757621163256971385
Ban reason: Ghost-pinging Rainy.

I was banned from the discord sever just over 2 months ago for ghost pinging Rainy multiple times. I cannot express how sorry I am for this. Over the 2 months, I have reflected on my actions and have realized why it may be very irritating, If you were to unban me, I would never do anything of the sort again and would be more careful in my actions than before.

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At this time, I have decided to unban you from the GAR discord server. To keep yourself from being banned, ensure that you’re following our community rules, and Roblox & Discord ToS. Bypassing any of the listed rules could bring about serious repercussions, including an expulsion from the community.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: