[CLOSED] Discord ban Appeal


Username: Aim2hly
Discord: Aim#7005
Discord Id: 727952053342568528
Ban reason: NSFW


I got banned for NSFW like 5-6 months ago in the discord server I don’t know what I have sent I think me and some other people just had some fun but we went to far I really really apologizes for what I have done in the discord and I will never do that again. I have been playing GAR since 2020 and was in a lot of divisions and I always had fun to communicate with the community now I can’t do that anymore. I have also met alot of people that became my friends in GAR and now since i’m banned we can’t talk that often anymore, it’s just really sad for me honestly. The game never got boring for me and I always had fun in the game. I would like to be unbanned from the main GAR discord server.

Hi there,

Thank you for your patience.

After reviewing your appeal, I have decided to accept it under compassionate circumstances. Please refrain from sending content that violates GAR guidelines / ToS. You are strongly advised to re-read the rules upon rejoining the server.

This will be your one and only chance so spend it wisely.