[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal

Username: mahte
Discord: COP#0422
Discord Id: 619683855145762846
Ban reason: sexism and toxicity:
I have been banned from the discord server due to a comment i made to a individual in 7th “She should spend her time in the kitchen instead of playing games.” .

I profoundly regret the vulgar comment i made to another individual. It was immature and pathetic of me to do. I am greatly sorry to the person I insulted and I owe you my heartfelt apologies, I never should’ve said that comment to you or anyone else and i honestly regret myself saying it a ton, not just because i want to get unbanned but because i recognise now how offensive it was. I hope you know that i’ve had a long good look over my actions and recognise my wrongdoings.

The GAR community is quite special to me as it has got me through the COVID lockdown and filled up alot of my free time ,which otherwise would have been spent staring out the window if i hadn’t discovered this game and community. I have met many great people and hope to meet many more if i get the chance. I am honestly sorry for what i said, i see now that i need to think before i press enter as it may have a negative toll on the other person im talking to. I hope i will be able to get a chance to reprove myself and be able to reconnect to many that i have missed out on talking to.

Yours sincerely,


Hi there,

Thank you for your patience.

You have shown remorse for your actions and I sincerely hope that you have learned your lesson from the incident. After reviewing your appeal, I have decided to accept it under compassionate circumstances.

Please make sure to read and abide by the rules and ToS upon re-entering the Discord server. Note that this will be your one and only chance to be back in the community so spend it wisely.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: