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[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal


Username: ( Superwomen241010 )
Discord: ( Reginald#6806 )
Discord Id: ( 823351043441819668 )
Ban reason: ( Chat Flooding )


( Hello, I want to appeal because I think I’d be a good trooper/divisional. At the time of the ban (I don’t remember the time I just know it was a long time ago) I was a very immature kid I was chat flooding for no reason at all. But now I really regret it, I wish it never had happened. I learned the lesson and know that I won’t mess up or let GAR down again. Then another few months passed, and I wanted to appeal but didn’t know how to due to being permanently banned I couldn’t enter the server to see the rules and see where I should appeal, Then I made a alt account (I know it is a severe infraction, but how was I supposed to remember how to appeal a ban that happened months ago?) With the alt account I asked someone how could I appeal my discord ban? Luckily they were kind and told me about the forums. So I went there tried, tried, tried and tried but all my appeals were denied. I was still a little immature but now I am mature and I will never let down GAR or break any rule. Never ever again )

Hi there,

You’ve been unbanned. Do not let this happen again.

Status: ACCEPTED :white_check_mark: