[CLOSED] Discord Ban Appeal


Username: thijs292929
Discord: thijs292929#4407
Discord Id: 767017080863981578
Ban reason: Inappropriate behaviour.


I have been banned for my behavior in a public voice call for saying a thing I shouldn’t really say, and I really want to appeal. Honestly, I did it just for a joke, but I didn’t know my it’s that offense. After many days I have realized how sad I was when I couldn’t talk publicly and have fun with some of my friends I needed. I wanted to apologize for what I have done and promise it won’t happen again. I will be very grateful if you could give me one more chance since this is my first ever ban.


At this time, I have decided to deny your appeal for the GAR discord. This may be for one or more of the highlighted reasons:

  • Offenses committed are too severe for ban to be revoked
  • Invalid discord ID
  • Insincere appeal
  • Appeal did not provide enough information regarding the ban reason(s)

Status: Denied :no_entry: