[CLOSED] Discord Ban appeal


Username: simonlacirma
Discord: Super man the junior the 15th#8064
Discord Id: 976033944648691722
Ban reason: Leaking tryout information, Degeneracy.


Some back context the previous punishment for leaking the tryout information was a blacklist from a division then I continued leaking it and being an overall degenerate and it turned into a ban after I started taking things too far.

Let me just start of with an I am sorry, I was in the wrong to act like that it was immature and brattish I failed a tryout and acted completely and utterly unacceptable I am truly and deeply sorry to all those negatively effected by my mean remarks, It’s been a year and seven months or so since I was banned for I believe leaking tryout information, and general degeneracy, I want to re-enter this community and go back into a division I have so much time on my hands and suddenly I have nothing to do with it, I would like to be unbanned thank you. - simonlacirma (Also this is only what I can recall would be worthy of a ban if I wasn’t banned for this reason please tell me what I was banned for thanks!)


You are not banned. If you have any further issues in attempt to rejoining the GAR server, DM me via discord (OptimallyAxel#4526).

Status: Unfounded :no_entry: