[CLOSED] Discord Ban Appeal vicentiudenis305


Username: ( vicentiudenis305 )
Discord: ( DenisVince#9862 )
Discord Id: ( 445960431333277722 )
Ban reason: ( DM advertising due to me responding to the Discord Fake moderator scam and made my account to send a invite link that somehow sent a dm advertisment to Sky_I, I had no control in it.)


( I have been playing for a long time in GAR, a Warrant Officer and trying to make myself advance in GAR and I was still enjoying my good time in it but now, at around 00:20-40 BST, I received a Discord Scam message that told me something about a moderation academy, I did NOT press the link but around 2 minutes later, a DM group link advertisement has been sent to Sky_I. On GAR discord he announced this scam around the same time which said to block or ignore the message. He responded to me and I just realised this, I got permanently banned in the discord and it’s very unfortunate for this to happen to me. I don’t want to be permanently banned from this community and I want to be back but I got permanently banned because of a scam.

To anyone seeing this, please check what Sky_I already said in the discord, this happened at the same time, it’s not my fault, I’m trying to get a download of my data to see if I can recover the scam message (If more proof is required) as I always delete DMs with scam messages. I showed a screenshot of my proof ban and time, I’m just sorry for this happening, I will look into more detail on how I can protect myself from these type of scam, I once again apologise and to Sky_l but it was not my fault, I want to advance and I would never try to do something like this, I don’t want to say my last goodbyes to this Community. I did not intentionally send a DM advertisement and the scam message did this and I had no control in stopping it, I did not press its link. I went on google to see if this was even real but it did not look the same, I hope I can be soon brought into the community, I will not allow this type of scam message make my account send a DM advertisement to anyone in the community. )

Major update on this appeal: My friend has helped me find the bot who scammed me specifically, I will show proof a screenshot. I found out the reason how it managed to make my account DM advertise, I responded to the scam message “scam” this was the worst decision and this thought me lifetime mistakes and I need to use the advice Sky_I gives, a block and a good idea to close the dm. I will NEVER respond to a scam message like this again as this is likely to what will happen again if I do this. As you can see this was 10 minutes before the perma ban, Sky_I responded later at 00:31 BST in my dms but the bot could have immediately sent it, I did notice it send it to Sky_I then due to the bans. Sky_I on discord showed proof of the scam message, will be shown below. Also the reason of Sky_I announcement has a different time zone because my friend, he has a different time zone but my other ones were mine. (BST) I should have known better on how to respond to a scam, you will never see me responding to a scam message like this again and I will follow the advised way on how to deal with a scam message.


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I would never betray this group, I had no intentions of doing this, I loved GAR from since the beginning as the start of a Cadet, Divisions, I loved them and I do wish to be able to experience working as a team in GAR and in divisions again, I’m afraid that this may hold me back very badly, especially, I find it very bad especially for me because I know bans can restrict you from joining certain things and I never did this intentionally to get this.

I appreciate every person in GAR, most of everyone, HICOM, divisions, they knew how to keep GAR a good place for most and it hurts that I’m in a big barrier now, I’m not able to talk with them anymore, it just hurts for me who was dedicated to GAR for 2+ years. Rainy, Kurka they started changing GAR and I wanted to see what their future to GAR was and now I may not be able to see what they are doing good for GAR, I may though still go in game but in the past when I was in Discord with them, that’s where truly everything good goes into this Community.

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Your appeal has been accepted.