[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal (Star wars coruscant GAR)


Username: ( Darkstar945 )
Discord: ( Darkstar945 | UTC#0246 )
Discord Id: ( 1030493939385507981 )
Ban reason: ( Alt using/trolling )


( Firstly, thanks to dizme, Is the reason I encouraged myself to say the truth of what I’ve done. The ban reason is because I was trolling on an alt named, extremeprowars, and you might know it because I’ve done an appeal on that account for unban. I know, I should be ashamed of myself for what I’ve done. I’ve taught a month before writing this appeal, and realised that lying will make it worst, so I decided to say the truth now. Again I’m really sorry for what I’ve done, and I promise I won’t do it ever but no, never EVER again! I’ve playd GAR now for almost 2 years now if not more and it’s a great game. Once again, I’m really sorry, I was an idiot at that time and didn’t really think about the consequences. I promise I won’t use an alt ever again on your game and discord. I know it’s a big one, but everybody deserves a second chance :wink:
(Also this is an IP ban)
Big thanks,
From Darkstar945 )

That discord ID given is not associated to any ban. Please give a valid ID.