[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal repost


Username: Mali (roblox: mali99sk)
Discord: #9526
Discord Id: 813769584539992115
Ban reason: Sexual act


( Describe why you think we should unban you )

Hello everyone who is reading this. I am Mali and I would like to appeal my discord ban that I got 8 months for sexual act. I did it on my afk friend because I was waiting for him and I didnt reliaze in that time that I was doing sexual position. I know that I did really big mistake and I am so sorry. I learned my mistakes and I changed. I would really like to get back to GAR community. I made a lot of friends in GAR 501st and I missed the old times. I would really like to join GAR community again. I promise that I will not break any rules again. I will be not be doing stupid things again. I would be really glad If you would give me another chance. If I will get another chance then I will not break any rules. I know that this sounds dumb but I learned my mistakes and I will never do something stupid again.

Hi there,

You are not discord banned and it seems like you are already in the server.

Status: Unfounded :no_entry: