[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal..(Pending)


Username: ( KSGCerberus )
Discord: ( Dio Brando #4009 )
Ban reason: ( Alting )


( I have old account sir but I forgot my password that account is my first account since 2017 but now I forgot my password and I dont have any email that bind in that account,
This new account (KSGCerberus) I made this on 8/04/20 I’m planning to play roblox again so I made this gladly I find this game and I really enjoyed it but all of my dreams are suddenly wiped out because of the perm ban.
I’m enjoying HRE too but GAR is my first love so I hope that this reason can unban me in discord server. )

Hi there,

After careful deliberation, you have been unbanned from the GAR Discord server. As you were banned for being an alt account, some problems may still exist in the system that prohibit you from joining. If that occurs please dm me on Discord at: MikegamingYTW#0438.

Status: Accepted