[CLOSED] Discord Ban Appeal (My last appeal is unsolved because I had the wrong ID)


Username: Chiplotle4272
Discord: Chiplotle472#9427
Discord Id: 968300026185019454
Ban reason: Pinging an Officer’s username, I believe

My first appeal was never solved because the Discord ID I wrote first was my sister’s. I accidentally copied her ID instead of mine when I was talking with her in the DMs. So the Officer said he couldn’t find my ban, so it was unsolved.


I was banned a couple of months ago from the discord server. It started by me asking a question about divisions. The question was if I leave my division, and I want to come back. Do I have to tryout again. An Officer replied to me and answered, “Yes, you have to try out again.” I was new to discord at the time, GAR was my first time using discord. I just knew if I used @“username” it would alert them. I didn’t know what ping was and pinging an Officer was against the rules because I did not what pinging was. So I pinged the Officer who replied to me and said thank you. And in the same message I also asked another question asking if I leave the division would it save my rank. He responded no. And I pinged him again and said thank you. A day later I got a warning, mute, and ban, within 2 hours. The GAR moderator DMed me and said you are permanently banned from GAR. I believe the reason why was because the conversation with the Officer was the last thing I said in the GAR server.

I am now more familiar with discord, so I now know not to ping an Officer.
I promise never to ping an Officer again and to know what the rules mean before I do anything.
I hope I can be unban to continue joining CTs, SSUs, GTs, and to tryout for divisions. And in general to just see the up coming things in GAR and being apart of the community.

If this is not the reason why I was banned please tell me.
I hope I can be unbanned.


It looks like your appeal has been approved already by another moderator from another appeal you did. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to DM me. -exucuteF