[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal- LegacyOfExile


Username: ( LegacyOfExile)
Discord: ( Legacy#1382 )
Discord Id: ( 808903886609186826)
Ban reason: ( advertising )


( I think I should be unbanned because I made a silly mistake that I don’t think should’ve resulted in a ban. I made the mistake of advertising a group. I personally didn’t think I would get banned. After I was banned I made a new discord account because I didn’t know it was possible to be unbanned until I talked to Second Lieutenant Shehssan. We then had a conversation and he told me I could’ve went to forums and possibly been unbanned. I’ve put alot of time and money into GAR and I don’t want it wasted because I made a dumb mistake. I just want to be forgiven and move on. GAR is one of my favorite communities and I’d like to stay in it and possibly join a division. If this ban appeal is accepted there will be no more problems out of me. )


Appeal accepted, do NOT ban evade again if you get banned from the GAR Discord.

Status: Accepted :white_check_mark: