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[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal (keerzy)

Username: keerzy
Discord: fiz#6565
Discord Id: 745045771040063621
Ban reason: Spamming staffs dms for AOS.
I was uh, spamming Wrecker’s dms because my friend said that would get me AOS’s (yeah really immature) I had just left CG and thought AOS would be funny, after I spammed I apologized to Wrecker in dm’s immediately regretting my past 15 seconds of choices, so now 2 months later 22 hours before the new map, I make an appeal. I promise not to do it again.

Describe why you think we should unban you: Above ^^

Hi there,

Those who think spamming staff DMs in an attempt to get AOS is funny don’t belong in the GAR community. Especially as someone who was a member of GAR beforehand, ESPECIALLY CG, you should’ve known better.

Status: DENIED :x: