[CLOSED] Discord Ban Appeal It’s Been Over A Year Now

Username: General_Ravioli
Discord: General_Ravioli#3429
Discord Id: 704464598564208670
Ban reason: Not specified.

Hypothesis: I think I got banned a while back (more than a year) for mass pinging 7th sky corps staff within sky corps Discord. Many OG’s might remember me saying my little brother would use my Roblox to play Coruscant but little did I know that I was stealthily hacked. The hacker had access to my Discord and Roblox because they had the same password and he would use my Roblox account to leech Robux silently and play games on my device. When I took a retirement, the hacker went “ballistic” so he pinged everyone and spent all my Robux. I now changed the passwords, made them more complicated, stayed safer online and got 2FA. That’s to say, this will never happen again and I am deeply sorry for my naive actions. I wish to be unbanned and please let me know if this isn’t the reason of my ban, please let me know.


If you do such thing ever again, your ban will become permanent.

Your appeal has been accepted,