[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal, i was hacked


Username: (justuguu )
Discord: ( justuguu#2657 )
Discord Id: (583156415464734730)
Ban reason: ( i got hacked, hacker spammed racism words in many channels )


( Roblox username: justuguu, Former RC SXO
Reason: My acc was hacked, appeal ban
Explanation: my account was hacked by my close friend while I was at work. I live in a hostel and only my close friend had access to the password from my computer, yesterday I asked him to copy the file from my computer and send it to me (needed for work). He was drunk and tried to get into my discord through blocking. Earlier in the morning, I noticed that he sent racist words with the letter n. Yes, I know this is all very stupid on my part, but I thought he could be trusted. During the year that I spent in the GAR and 5 months in the RC, I earned a reputation as a friendly guy who is ready to help everyone even if I embarrass myself. I’d like intelligence to look into my case. To be honest, right now I’m broken and depressed. The only friend betrayed me and in communities where I really felt good, I can no longer return. All I want is justice.)


Good luck, bro.
I hope its gets appealed and you can join back as you are the most chill guy ever and kindest in RC.
It is not like you at all to say bad things, I’ve never even seen you swear or get mad at all.
It is very different without you and we need you back!

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justuguu is a friend of mine I met in RC, he was always respectful, I’m sure he learned his lesson and I think he deserves to be unbanned.

:white_check_mark: It has already been resloved. - exucuteF