[CLOSED] Discord Ban appeal for an accidental ban - I was unbanned more than a year or two years ago, but they forgot to unban me from the discord


Username: MercilessSummer
Discord: Adaminus fidelium#9732
Ban reason: Forgot to leave the raider group known as Void Empire after I did surveillance for a Shadow guard sergeant.

#PLEASENOTE: I never raided with this group, but the moderation team banned all members apart of it.

Description: My friends in Red guard wanted me to tell them every time one of the most toxic raider groups raided so I joined it to get into there discord server where I could find there raid schedule. I helped get the information needed to ban the group, but I forgot to leave so I got banned as well. I am already unbanned from the game, but not the discord. The situation with this group was over two years ago and since then GAR and it’s moderation has put an end to angering toxicity within the community. You can ask discharged red guard about this by the names of XxSniperxX, roblox_programmer, and Blooxie.

Hi there,

Welcome back.

Status: Accepted