[CLOSED]Discord ban appeal for alternate discord account usage


Username: ThatOneGuyStar
Discord: chicken pie#7819
Discord Id: 1009595897342066748
Ban reason: Alternative account usage for discord.


( Describe why you think we should unban you )
I believe I should be unbanned purely due to the reason that I had no choice but to create an alt if I wished to use discord. My 2FA was lost on my old account a while back, preventing me from logging in, and I had no reason to tell anyone of this, or of my making a new account until now just because I was not aware that creating a new discord account for this reason is prohibited. If there is some way to unban me, please see to it, if not I understand, it is rather inconvenient that I was unbanned, both for me and the person banning me. Sorry for the inconvenience, have a lovely day.


I have been informed this is not the reason for your ban. Your appeal is denied.

Best regards,