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[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal (Around 2 years now)


Username: Cxlyps0
Discord: Cxlyps0#9519
Discord Id: 755571642251608085
Ban reason: Disrespect and Mass ping



I was banned around 2 years ago now for disrespect and mass pinging HRs, I have tried to appeal numerous times but it has all been denied. I cannot stress how sorry I am for what I have done and I should of know better than to insult people and spam ping HRs just for attention, It is an extremely childish thing to do and I am sincerely sorry for doing this. I have apologised to the person I have insulted and I will apologise many times if needed. Back then I will admit I was extremely immature and childish and all I wanted was attention, since then I have had a very long time to reflect on my actions and try my very best to improve myself as a person and benefit others. I have been told in the past that my apologies were not sincere enough although I will not stop appealing and telling everyone how sorry I am until I am unbanned. I am aware what I done was disgusting and vile and I am ashamed of myself for doing it in the past. I would genuinely like to be unbanned so I can join a division and help out as much as my can to try and make peoples days. Once again I am sincerely sorry for my past actions and I promise if I am unbanned I will never do anything of the sort again.

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Hi there,

Some of the stuff you said is extremely problematic and even goes near the edge of breaking TOS. For example, and I quote: “please slit your wrists.” “Please stop trying to sexually harass my little sister in bloxburg.” Due to the fact that this was more than immature and on the verge of psychopathic, I suggest you wait until more time has passed to appeal. Furthermore, it hasn’t been 2 years. You were banned April 4th, 2021. It’s currently October 12, 2021. I suggest you wait until April 4th, 2022 and then appeal again. At least this way I know a full year has actually passed and you’ve had time to think over your actions.

Status: DENIED :x: