[CLOSED] Discord Ban Appeal after months


Username: saintniner
Discord: seizure#0001
Discord Id: 522173933902888961
Ban reason: I believe it was for posting a video with profanity in it

I have been banned from the GAR server for a couple of months nearing a year. I was not in knowledge of how the video would harm people in the community, I meant no harm. I am making this ban request because I want to return to GAR to start a new journey there. I apologize for all the troubles I caused, I was not thinking about my decision and truly did something wrong. I have regretted doing that for a long time but now I think that I should be able to rejoin because I have matured and became a better person overall. If this appeal gets accepted which I hope it does I promise not to do anything stupid that harms others or is out of line. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this message.


You have been banned for racial slurs.

Your appeal has been denied,