[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal (accepted but not unbanned?)

Username: keerzy
Discord: fiz#6565
Discord Id: 745045771040063621

Hey there! I was unbanned from the discord a bit ago, but when I went to go check I never got unbanned? I tried joining the RI discord and asking the person that unbanned me why I am still banned, but I did not receive a response after a few months. Below is the link to the gar forum post of me being unbanned and a photo of the user stating I was unbanned.



You have indeed been unbanned by Skyl_l and the ID provided is not considered banned.

It may have occurred that your account has been IP banned due to an alt account or likewise situation. As of now, I am unable to do anything. Please try to see if you can access the discord or if another account connected to your IP is banned.