[CLOSED] Discord Ban Apeal


Username: ( lgalbani )
Discord: ( lgalbani#7573 )
Discord Id: ( 7573 )
Ban reason: ( Underage )


Good evening, I come to claim that a couple of years ago I was banned from the discord for being 12, on Saturday I turn 14 so it seems to me that it is time to be unbanned because I really want to belong to the legions, I have proof of my age since I have the age verified in roblox and the voice chat is activated, as you know roblox asks for your identification to be able to check this and the minimum age was 13, I still remember that the minimum age to belong to the legions was 13, I appreciate your attention.

Below I attach images that prove my verified account in roblox (It’s in spanish)


The discord ID is not correct.