[CLOSED] Discord appeal - gtamin1


Username: ( Gtamin1 )
Discord: ( le gtamin#6666 )
Discord Id: ( 858375981704937482 )
Ban reason: ( Toxicity + Harassment )


I have been banned for toxicity and harassment, I, However deem that ban unfair.
When I have done my acts, I have been exiled from Red Guard & muted in the main server for four days, which is I think a fair punishment.
I’d also like you to take in count that it was my first time doing this type of action, and instantly banning me is not really a way of moderating I think. We all get our second chances, it seems like the moderator that banned me didn’t give me one, and instantly banned me.

And here I am appealing due to my ban being unfair to me, I would’ve been supposed to be muted for four days due to my actions, but then the moderator got influenced by a person with a high rank, which changed the decision of my ban I suppose.

And so I believe my ban is unfair, as someone influenced it, and I already had a punishment, but then this one is I believe, unfair, and too big.

Thank you for reading,

Discord ban appeal accepted :white_check_mark:

Before you join the discord server again, you should first acknowledge what you have done. What you think is right or “unfair” may seem right and justified in the moderator’s eyes. I’ll let you off the hook for now, but don’t go on thinking you did a deed so great that it didn’t deserve a ban.

Feel free to join back the Discord server via the game’s description.