[CLOSED] Discord and Game 100 year Ban Appeal


Username: DogePower3347
Discord: Ben Joseph#3193
Discord Id: 730471235540222084
Ban reason: Treason (heres a screenshot)


This ban was out of no where. Back in 2018, I just joined one day and I was accused of treason. Not sure if I was the right person to be banned, but I recently wanted to play GAR and I forgot about this ban. I’m not sure why I was accused of treason, because if I remember correctly, I don’t think I was every in a division/regiment of any sort. When I got banned, I’m pretty sure I was one of the lowest ranks. Thanks for the help if you are involving yourself in this issue with me.

Until you can give me the actual reason and be honest about why you were banned, I will not be appealing you.