[CLOSED] Discord and Community Ban Appeal


Username: FwWells
Discord: Wells#7398
Discord Id: 665707709491839008
Ban reason: Toxicity (or something like that)


You should unban me from the community and discord for many reasons but I am going to keep it nice and short. The main reason that you should unban me is I have changed a lot over the past year! I am much more mature and older than I was back then I was a stupid kid mad for getting removed from RC and took it out on the rest of the community in #On-Topic and I shouldn’t of. If I could go back and change what I have done I would do it in a heartbeat so I could have progressed through the ranks and made new friends!

I understand if I don’t get unban but I really do think I deserve a second chance so please take your time and think it over if you need to.


Hi there,

I don’t believe you are being entirely honest.

You would not be banned by IAD for TOS violations if it was just simply toxicity.

Your appeal is denied and will stay denied.

Status: Denied :x: