[CLOSED] Discord age Ban appeal

Username: ( Mattthewmossade)
Discord: ( i like basketball#1708 )
Discord Id: ( #1708 )
Ban reason: ( Underage [12] Appeal when 13 )

Hi, I am making an appeal because I was banned for being 12 years old (thats what i thought) when I accualy was 13 in real life because in my roblox birthday settings I wrote 2010 instead of 2009 so I think its a mis understanding be cause I did not even know that my birthday was wrong in the roblox settings. Sorry and Thanks

Discord ban appeal denied :x:

You mentioned your birthday was in 2010 twice, I don’t believe that is a coincidence. If you really are 13, there is no official way of verifying that + you were just banned yesterday.

Kindest regards, PastelxLxve