[CLOSED] Derrix36's Discord Ban Appeal


Username: ( derrix36 )
Discord: ( derix#2852)
Discord Id: ( 490901353430777857 )
Ban reason: ( Harassment to a moderator )


So, it all started in Holy Roman Empire Discord Server where I wanted to check my glory (power points) in HRE bot commands channel. I forgot it was called glory and I typed ;power by a mistake. Then I said something like “how is it called”, I don’t remember exactly and I got warned by MrDarkMan for talking there. Since I was muted I went to GAR off-topic, pinged him and ironically said “I’m going to find you irl for warning me”. Of course I didn’t mean I will find him or make him feel insulted or offended, thought he would take it as a joke. A minute later I got a DM from Overwatch. I’ve been banned from both GAR and HRE permanently. I would like to apologise to MrDarkMan for telling him that and again, didn’t mean to harass him in any way. Thank you for reading, have a nice day.

( Describe why you think we should unban you )

Just to fix my mistake, it wasn’t MrDarkMan, it was MrDarkManiac. Cheers.

Hi there,

Your case is currently being investigated; I will contact you within 24 hours; enjoy the rest of this beautiful day.

Appeal Status: Pending :construction:


You have been unbanned.