[CLOSED] De-rank due to TKs of troopers who were TK everyone


Username: BoatyMcBoatie
Ban reason: De-rank in game


I TK two people as staff sergeant who were TKing lots of people with lightsabres and pistols, so I had to kill them after they had killed me a couple of times. But when I logged on today, I was De-ranked to sergeant. I know I was a Staff sergeant with only 56 power, and I have been for a long time because of the old system where you only needed 55 power be to staff sergeant. I would like to request to be moved back into my rank.

Thank you for your appeal, though at this time I’m unable to restore your previous rank. Please review the below if you’re unsure as to why your rank is unable to be restored;

  • The previous system may of allowed you to be a Staff Sergeant with 56 power, though once the new system was introduced not everyone was updated (this is why you kept the rank of Staff Sergeant). As you were banned temporarily for team-kill, the system would’ve updated your rank to Sergeant (the proper rank that you should currently attain). The rank of Staff Sergeant may be attained by receiving 60 power, you will need to rank up properly if you wish to attain this rank again.

If you have any further concerns, you may contact myself directly via Discord (NotDispatch#7958) and we can further discuss the situation there.