[CLOSED] Cuff abuse hacked account banned


Username: ( wysyRB )
Ban reason: ( Cuff abuse (got hacked) )


( So what happened was I was playing this game with my friend for very long and we were in the 41st and 187th together. One day I wanted to join CG and he wanted to as well so, we did the tryout. I passed and he failed. I had already left my account on his PC a few days before so he hacked me n jailed a whole server because of jealousy. Now I would like to apologise. Even though I was not the one who did this I knew the responsibilities of a CG and leaving my account on a friends PC was a big mistake. The amount of time spent on this game is like so much and I really really apologise for making that kind of mistakes. I do learn from my mistakes though and I would make sure nothing like that would happen again, EVER! )

Hi there,

Thank you for your patience, at this time, I have gone ahead and unbanned you from the game.

For future reference, to avoid being banned from the game, please ensure that you follow all Roblox Terms of Service, Discord Terms Of Service and our Community Rules and Regulations at all times. Breach of any of these rules, may result in disciplinary action against you and affect your standing with community staff.

Appeal Status: Complete :white_check_mark:

See you around!