[CLOSED] Corrupt Lieutenant and Rkers and misconducful players

I was in a General training. When we made it to the free for all portion, I was in the STS after I died. A Staff Sergeant was randomly shooting me. At first I thought it was the Warrant Officer as I couldn’t see my screen due to me being on discord but I noticed the red borders that indicated me being shot at. So, I thought it was the Warrant Officer and shot him up. Then, the Staff Sergeant began to kill me. I retaliated and shot up the Staff Sergeant. Then, the Corporal began to start pushing me out of my spot like a 3 year old. So, I shot him up and he kept on doing it and eventually started shooting me as well. As soon as I am done dealing with others began to start shooting me. Then, the Lieutenant came back from the combat round, cuffed me and kicked me from the game. I told him in dms I had proof, he said he did as well of me just being a typical cadet who rks. He only sent proof via about the kill logs. I sent him my video and he didn’t respond to me afterwards.



Dm me for photos of the dms with the Lieutenant. User is DewMan#8759

Hi there.

This is not the place to report GAR officers. Also, since you were shooting, you were kicked appropriately and the Lieutenant did nothing wrong.

If you have any future GAR officer reports, send them to HICOM.

  • Axel