[CLOSED] Corporal Targets me and Tk

Reporter username: OMEGACHALLENGER_YT
Reported user: YouTobe_gamers


This problem started in the bank when a raider was camping in the barrier thing of the bank, this dude randomly Tk me the first time and then when I was looking for him he left.

Minutes later he rejoined and he was targeting me with a shock pike, once I got shock by the shock pike he started to Tk me and every second he do that he left.

I got a clip before he left.
Btw he Was leaving every second when he Tk me.


Sock pikes are the worst thing in GAR + Alter

TK bans for GAR personnel are already handled by the in-game auto ban system. So you do not need to report it here unless itโ€™s a divisionl abusing their TK permissions.

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