[CLOSED] Corporal RKs and the victim possibly does divisional disrespect


Reporter username: ( stargate1142 )
Reported user: ( GodLife4You, XXtheomeghaXX )


GodLife4You was random killed by the other user reported. I did not kill the RKer for means of reporting them there. The victim of the RK came back and talked about ‘327th allowing RK’ or ‘327th being useless’. I’m not sure if this is divisional disrespect though.


Skip to 4:10 for the RK and carry on for about 30 seconds for the other report.

Thank you for your report, the user in which terminated the other individual was dealt with accordingly. As for the other individual who you claimed to have disrespected you, if you feel as if action should be administered, please report it to 327th Divisional High Command.

If you experience anything further or similar to the above, don’t hesitate to submit another report.

Report Status: Handled :white_check_mark: