[CLOSED] Corporal Hosting Fake Training

Reporter username: Mikhail_GamerYT
Reported user: logicforlife461

So I joined the training grounds because I saw a lot of players . Then I saw this corporal doing a fake training and telling other people to do VIP box around him. I also got screenshot evidence of him saying that he did . I told him this isn’t allowed and I’m alerting officer on forums . Then I left to report him in forums so yeah .


( Attach any materials which would prove the player has abused )

I mean it doesn’t really look like a training in the photos, it just looks like they are standing really close to the standing pads, still I am not doubting that it isn’t a fake training.

I saw them doing VIP box and fire box . I sadly didn’t get screenshot of that.but him admitting that he did this is more than enough evidence

no not really, admitting means nothing in GAR

The provided evidence is not sufficient and doesn’t look very clear. Therefore, I am unable to take solid actions against the reported individual. Next time, try to attain evidence of the individual actually hosting the fake event.

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