[CLOSED] Completely demoted for a first offense joke

Punishment was too harsh

Username: ( MBnition )
Ban reason: ( Doing /e sleep jokes )

Just got demoted for doing /e sleep as a joke

( The punishment was too harsh, Ive seen people do much worse things including wearing bypassed clothing, bypassing the filter yet nothing is done to them. I want to appeal because I’ll be more careful with what I do, I did /e sleep as a joke and promised to never do it again before getting demoted. 1 day and 18h worth of progress lost for a first offense isn’t fair at all. )

You got demoted for using an emote? I use that emote loads of times and I have neither been warned nor punished for it. I think you got banned for something else.

using the sleep emote in a certain way is violating roblox TOS which is an instant community ban

You violated the terms of service set forth by ROBLOX by doing what you did. Don’t justify your reasoning behind why you did what you did and compare it with what other people do.

Each case is different, you are free to appeal at a later date since this appeal is denied.

Status: Denied :x: