[CLOSED] Community Unban Appel (re upload)


Username: ( Sparta2020uah RP: Mysterious_Anomaly )
Ban reason: ( Alt ban)


I have a YouTube channel that I make videos about gaming. Mostly I do (GAR Star Was Coruscant) my favorite game. So I was making a video how to get behind the banks laser door without a jetpack. But their was one consequence, my main account has Double jump equipped. So it will be little hard for the people who want to pass the vent part. So I took my brother acc that was made a month ago. His old acc has been locked out because he did not put any info. So I used his new account. So it will be fairly shown and understandable for people. But now I get dmed with a topic of “you getting banned for an alt” It was my mistake for calling my brother account a “alt” But it would be kinda ok ward if I said so in the video. Next time I will say the truth, because I see their is lots of consequences with it. Hope someone accepts my appeal. Have a good day! Hope you have a good future who is reading my message!! ( Also if you would like proof of my mistake doest search up my Roblox username in Roblox. I have it attached my YT channel to it). I know that suing my brother account is prohibited but he doesn’t even play GAR… I understand from your sight it’s odd of doing this. I does’t wish I had another chance. I wont do it again. Their will be no videos and not even videos that will contain different accounts. It will never happen again…

Denied - howardistoogood