[CLOSED] Community Unban Appeal


Username: ( vMax_Dev )
Ban reason: (High Treason )


( I am sincerely sorry for the actions I have done. I am very ashamed of myself and I wish to apologise, apologise to the people I have Team Killed and I hope they can forgive me. The reason why I think I should be unbanned is because I really do enjoy GAR, the community, the game itself, everything really! In the future though, I will make sure that I always abide by the rules and do my duties. I really hope you forgive me :frowning: I actually getting bored not getting to play the game I love…
I really do understand if my appeal gets rejected but I am still thankful you read this to give me a solution,
Yours truly,
vMax_Dev )

Thank you for your appeal, though at this time we aren’t willing to let you back into our Community. If you’re unsure as to why, please review the below;

  • The incident is too recent, henceforth your punishment won’t be revoked at this time.

If you have anything further to add, please submit another appeal at a later date.

Appeal Status: Denied :x: