[CLOSED] Community Unban Appeal (re upload)


Username: ( vMax_Dev )
Ban reason: ( High Treason )


( I wish to apologise to all the people I have TKed and RKed in the past, I know it’s easy to say but I honestly really regret my actions as I love playing as GAR, I will always obide by the rules again and I shall never ever TK any HR every again, I feel embarrased and ashamed of my actions and I just want to say, I’m sorry. I really like playing this game and if I continue to play with this sort of behaviour I think I deserve a ban, but please give me a second chance, I would really highly appreciate it and I hope I can play as GAR again, thanks for reading :frowning: )

Hi there.

Your appeal has been denied due to the ban being too recent.

  • Axel