[CLOSED] Community banned

Username: Leviatan_Lost
Ban reason: Community ban = Exploiting on Tryouts.
Hello Devs, I recently did a tryout for divisions, and I cheated because I never won tryouts, currently I don’t have any script injectors on my computer and I never will, I used ESP.

I didn’t cheat on the 91st tryout. I want to apologize profusely for what I did and it will never happen again.
(Reason to unban)
This is my first community ban and I don’t want to lose such a great game like Corruscant, I had a lot of fun there and I don’t want to stop, I have a lot of gamepass there, I promise I will never cheat on a tryout again, I didn’t realize my mistake, I’m sorry . That’s why I think I deserve to be unbanned. Thank you!

The incident occurred yesterday and your appeal is not sincere enough. Therefore your appeal will be denied. Appeal again with a more sincere appeal after some time has passed.

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