[CLOSED] Community banned for alt


Username: CT_5555FIVESFAN
Discord: CT_5555FIVESFAN#3296
Discord Id:
Ban reason: Alt account

My account was community banned for being an alt. My account is about a year old. I made this account back at the very end of 2020. Right after my account I had before this was banned (Not from GAR or in the GAR game) From roblox in all. So I was forced to make a new account. The account I had before this one may or may not have been in GAR i don’t remember but if it was I was only a GAR trooper. And was never in a division or even in the discord server as a whole. I think that’s the resason they accused me of an alt. And i would like to say that account hasn’t been used at all in over a year. Not in GAR or anything it’s gone completely. This is the only account I use for Roblox in general.

I think i should be unbanned because it isn’t fair to me. I love this community and GAR as a whole. I miss my friends and being able to play with them in events and game. I think it’s not fair because it was something that happened a year ago.

If the ban is a community ban rather than a discord ban, use #appeals:game-community instead.