[CLOSED] Community Ban

I’d like to express that we all are human, people make mistakes & people should forgive them. I have been community banned, not yet knowing exactly for, but I got a pretty good idea of why I was community banned. I’d like to sincerely apologise for being passive aggressive, I am the type of person to speak my mind. At the time, I was having a stressful day. So I hope this appeal can be agreed upon by the OC.

Thank you for hearing me out, if you would like to contact me via discord for the evidence please add the following discord below!


Have a good day everyone.


Username: Bersurks
Discord: ‘’#2290

You were not community banned for being “passive aggressive”.

You were community banned for exploiting in an official GAR event.

You’re also appealing in the wrong section, this should be listed under the “game and community” section of appeals.

Status: Denied :x:


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