[CLOSED] Community Ban From GAR Discord: Saying Racial slurs as a divisional staff


Username: gedicore
Discord: 3443
Discord Id: 736222208652738601
Ban reason: Saying Racial Slurs as a Divisional Staff


Why did i type the racial slur in? I got mad over a tryout exploiter, i tried to screenshot the situation and report it but i failed a total of 4 times before going mad and typing it in.

The reason i got banned for was foolish, but do you know why i didn’t delete the message after typing it in? I totally forgot it was a racial slur, i do not know how i can make you believe this but i had forgotten about it, otherwise the message was not to be sent and none of this would’ve ever occurred. It was after i was informed about the racial slur i just typed in, i knew i had messed up, and it was too late to delete the message. I had no intention to be racist whatsoever.

I truly apologize for creating such an issue and drama. I can assure you that you will see me reform myself and take Discord and GAR R&R into account to never let these silly mistakes ever occur again.



After reviewing your appeal, I’ve come to the conclusion that your attempt at appealing will be denied. Racial slurs, whether it be accidental or not, still has it’s consequences and is heavily frowned upon in the GAR community. Give it a bit more time, and explain more on how you’ve changed since then.

Status: Denied :x:

Kind regards,