[CLOSED] Community Ban appeal


Username: Tomo_DJ
Ban reason: Broke Roblox ToS at GAR GT


Well, it all happened one day, if I remember correctly it was 06/29/2022. I was so bored and didn’t know what to do. When I got a notification of a GAR GT, I thought I can have some fun. So, after I joined, I broke PTS 2-3 times intentionally so I can get jailed. When I entered the jail, there was a trooper inside with me. That trooper was using the whole time for no reason the emote where you like bow down (I don’t know the name of it). So I thought I can make a funny scene which was a really stupid decision and I regret it until this day. I crouched behind him and did the “Monkey dance” emote. The moment looked a little bit inappropriate (You know what I mean) and I stopped like 20 seconds after. I was not even aware that I was breaking Roblox ToS, I just thought it would be funny. That was a really stupid and unprofessional action from a 5 month experienced divisional from 501st Legion who is actually supposed to be a role model for those new GAR members on how to behave and not to show them how to fool around. I love this game so much, I had a lot of EP in 501st Legion, I had over 450 power and Gold Crescent! The community is super fun to talk with and play with and I just want everything to be back to normal and play with my 501st comrades. I’ve made a lot of good friends there and I just love the game. So I am really sorry for what I did and I regret it so much. If you deny this appeal, I understand why and I won’t be surprised because I did such a stupid thing. Thank you for paying attention and please don’t mind my grammar because I am not English and I’m trying my best to explain this to you as clearly as possible. Have a great Day/Night, Sir/Ma’am!

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Hi there,

After reviewing your appeal and all the information that has been presented I’ve decided that it’s too early for you to be let back in the community.

Breaching the community standards set forth by roblox is no small offense.

However, your are free to make another appeal in the future whenever you’d like.

Status: Denied :x: